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City of West Monroe


The City of West Monroe was seeking federal funding assistance opportunities for two projects, a street safety improvement project and a drainage project. The street safety project was multifaceted and focused on: enhanced safety along bicycle/pedestrian paths, drainage improvements, burial of electrical and telecommunications lines, and relocation of other utilities. 

For the drainage project, the City wanted to install stormwater drainage pipes, catch basins, and ditches to increase the capacity of the City's storm sewer system within the Mid-City area, which includes residential and commercial properties. The project was intended to improve drainage in flood-prone areas without adversely impacting downstream properties.


The Picard Group worked with our Senate and House delegation to prioritize these projects for fundings. Ultimately both projects received funding, one was selected for inclusion in the Senate bill and the other in the House bill which were merged together.


Both projects were ultimately funded in the FY23 Appropriations bill for a total of $7.4 million to the City.

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