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LHC Group, Inc.

LHC Group, Inc.

In Fall 2014, LHC Group recognized that its revenue cycle was in need of a redesign in order to optimize performance and lower costs. The Picard Group’s Mrs. Guillotte served as Interim VP of Revenue Cycle to initiate the changes and help with the search for a long-term replacement.  

Through the course of the project, Mrs. Guillotte transitioned into an advisory role for the new VP, and completed several key initiatives.


  • Served as Interim VP of Revenue from October 2014 – February 2015 and helped to successfully transition permanent replacement
  • Developed and executed plan to consolidate regional offices
  • Worked closely with national firm to determine best structure for centralized revenue cycle and establish Home Health KPIs
  • Initiated Revenue Cycle Restructure, resulting in:
    • Significant reduction in annual staffing costs, and improved cash collections and DSO
    • Transition to Payor Pod environment, allowing for focus on AR and collections by payor
  • Established Monthly Operational Reviews (MOR) for Revenue Cycle Leadership to review AR and collections by payor, allowing for a greater focus on problem areas and path to resolution