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Emily Bacque Da Silva.

Emily Bacque Da Silva is Partner at The Picard Group. She previously served as Director of Policy at CJ Lake, LLC.


Da Silva has represented local governments since 2005. She has worked with local governments on annual appropriations efforts, infrastructure needs, on countless grant applications, and submission of comments to the federal docket. More recently, she advocated on behalf of local governments' urgent need for additional federal funding to combat the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. She has developed annual legislative platforms and strategies to achieve those goals. Da Silva brings incredible experience, depth, and value to the firm’s appropriations and budget practice. This experience has led to the development of successful federal advocacy agendas tailored to each client’s unique federal needs.


Having worked in the Senate, Da Silva has contacts and relationships with Republicans and Democrats alike in both the House and Senate and on the relevant committees. She has extensive contacts with Members and staff that go beyond the Louisiana Congressional Delegation. Additionally, she has contacts in the executive branch to include the Departments of Health, Housing, Justice, Transportation, Homeland Security, and Energy.

Da Silva received her bachelor's degree in International Studies from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. She is married and has two children.

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