Hunter Hall.
Deputy Director of Federal Affairs

c: 225.247.8677

Hunter Hall serves as the Deputy Director of Federal Affairs for The Picard Group in Washington, D.C.  Hall brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on a wide variety of issues, including healthcare, transportation/infrastructure, agriculture, trade, and appropriations. He has helped secure tens of millions in funding for airports, highways, and economic development projects. Along with funding, Hall has successfully navigated the halls of congress to defend clients against funding cuts and regulations.

Prior to working at The Picard Group, he spent 5 years working as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce, as an aide in the U.S. Senate, and on several statewide and national campaigns. His time in each position provides valuable insight into the many functions of government and politics.

Hall holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Louisiana State University with minors in English and Political Science.

Our Team

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