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Public & Private Procurement.

Public & Private Procurement.

​The Picard Group provides procurement assistance in public and private sectors. We monitor all solicitations at state level and monitor federal opportunities as well.

  • Assistance in public & private sectors

  • Monitor solicitations at the state level

  • Monitor federal opportunities

  • Provide guidance through the procurement process

“The Picard Group and its unique assembly of talent integrates with our company on everything from process improvement to merger and acquisition assistance to federal regulatory and legislative assistance in Washington, D.C. The efficiency of having the availability of all of these services with one firm is extremely useful for the entire LHC management and government relations team."

- Keith Myers

  LHC Group, Inc.

Case Studies.

Public & Private Procurement.

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In 2020, Louisiana was working through the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency order and needed ventilators for patients across the state.

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